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Care for my clothes

A little TLC helps our clothes look good and last longer - from finding time to 'have-a-go' at getting out a stain to following the washing instructions on the label.

Avoiding and dealing with clothes moths

Many of us have encountered problems with moths making holes in our clothes – especially woollen garments. Try our tips to avoid them!

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Washing your woollens

Our advice for washing, drying and caring for wool.

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Get creative

Old favourites that may have been damaged or put to the back of the wardrobe can have a quick nip and tuck to be restored to their former glory.

Customise a t-shirt

Turn an old t-shirt into a stylish one-off with some ribbon, buttons and a brooch.

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Personalise clothes

A quick way to instantly revamp your clothes and give them a new style and individuality is to personalise them.

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Make the most of my clothes

We are all guilty of buying too many clothes. Why not make the most of the ones you already have?

Capsule wardrobe fun

Most people think capsule means ‘less clothes to choose from’. And they’d be right – but it’s not as scary as you may think! Stick with us on this…

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File dress under 'D'

Organising your clothes doesn’t have to be strict and regimented, but knowing where all your clothes are is actually pretty useful.

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Recycle my clothes

Pass on any unwanted items for re-use or resale - and if they can't be used again, all clothes can be recycled.

New football shirt? Don't chuck out the old one

If you’re treating yourself to a new football shirt for the new season, don’t just chuck out the old one. You could recycle it, pass it on or donate it to charity.

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Sell it

If your clothes are in good condition then they’re likely to be of value to someone else – meaning there’s money to be made!

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Value for money

There are lots of ways to get better value for money from your clothes, leaving money in your pocket.

It's good to share

From sharing great fashion tips with friends to actually sharing and borrowing items from one another is a brilliant way to keep your wardrobe fresh and save money too.

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Buy pre-owned or vintage clothes

Buying pre-owned clothes is a fabulous way to try new looks for a fraction of the high street price.

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